Our Client Service Policy

As a way to gauge our success in how our clients experience Momentum Conferencing, we measure our success against the following performance targets:

  • To maintain a conference efficiency level in excess of 99%
  • To answer 90% of calls within 20 seconds or less
  • To have an ‘Average Speed of Answer’ of less than 15 seconds
  • To maintain our corporate website accessibility at 99.99%
  • To resolve complaints to the client’s complete satisfaction immediately
  • To email the ‘replay service access information’ to the client within 90 minutes

Technical Support and Business Resolution

Momentum has successfully implemented policies and procedures designed to identify customer issues and incidents from the initial stages, to escalation and resolution. Both technical and non-technical issues are subject to a rapid escalation process that encompasses a broader and more comprehensive level of training and experience at each level. Every issue is escalated until the problem is diagnosed and resolved.

Reliability and Quality Assurance

Momentum maintains focus and allocation of resources on the development and delivery of the highest quality audio, video, web and streaming services offered in the industry. Service levels are maintained by applying rigid levels of quality control on both our equipment and services.

Momentum’s conferencing infrastructure has been delivered with an industry-leading reliability factor of 99.9%. Less than .1% of all Momentum-supplied conferences experience a problem that affects the client. Momentum tracks the outcome of every client interaction to ensure that reliability and quality remains high. Momentum’s network infrastructure and teleconferencing bridges comply with current telephony-based service up-time models of 99.97%.