Momentum’s service delivery facility is co-located in a data center that houses the network equipment for all major North American carriers. Conferencing application and database servers are deployed with a secondary hot backup that is automatically put into service in scenarios where there is a failure on the primary. All Momentum personnel are fully bonded and must sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as part of the terms of their employment.

Facility Security

  • All servers are Windows 2000 servers. The latest security patches are uploaded as soon as they come on the market.
  • All servers are located in a locked and caged facility co-located within guarded and highly-secured commercial Telco facilities.
  • The servers and the facilities they reside in are fully redundant.
  • The Telco facilities are serviced by two separate power grids to ensure a continuous source of power. In the unlikely event that both power grids failed, the facilities are backed up by redundant batteries and by redundant diesel generators.
  • All servers reside behind fully redundant firewalls.
  • All call detail records, billing, and client information is backed up twice a day and archived for 7 years.
  • Stored client presentations on the servers are treated as proprietary and confidential information. They are never accessed by any of our personnel. They are never archived or backed up by our servers.
  • Clients may delete their stored presentations at any time and once deleted they may never be retrieved.

 User Security

  • All services allow you to conduct secure conferences.
  • Distinct tones let you know when participants enter or exit the call. You can also choose name prompts instead of distinct tones.
  • Incoming participants are prompted to record their name prior to entering the call. The moderator can listen to an automated roll call, hearing the participants names. In addition, at any time during a conference call, the moderator can to find out how many lines are on the call
  • The moderator has the choice of allowing participants to communicate before joining the call or have them wait with music on hold until the moderator has entered the call.
  • You can select an option that allows you to associate an individual conference to a specific accounting or customer file number.
  • The moderator can also lock the call so no one else can call in.
  • All communications are encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology to ensure the security of your data.
  • At all times, moderators have a real-time running Participant List. You will know immediately whenever anyone joins your presentation.
  • At all times, you have the ability to disconnect any participant who is not on your Invited List