Dear Valued GlobalMeet Client

In an upcoming release planned for mid-August 2015, our supplier will be making changes to the system requirements needed to run the GlobalMeet Toolbar add-in for Outlook applications.

Users that are currently running the toolbar will need to have .”Net 4.5″ loaded prior to the upgrade.  In most cases this will already be loaded for Windows 8 and higher. However, System Administrators should make sure that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 for Windows 7 has been installed.

If this installation is not in place prior to the GlobalMeet Toolbar add-in, then users will experience an error indicating that they must update their windows framework.

As part of our 5-Star Customer Service Program, we are always here to help. if you have any questions or require addition information or support in communicating this message please let us know. We have Technical Engineers available for assistance.

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