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eBilling – Getting Your Invoice By eMail | Top
eBilling™ is nothing new to Momentum and as a standard sustainability practice, all our clients are automatically enrolled in eBilling.  We believe that environmentally, it is a snowball effect as eBilling not only saves you paper waste around your office, it also cuts down on the overall carbon-footprint of postal vehicles.
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eZPay – Pay Your Invoice By Credit Card | Top

We accept the top three major credit cards. Click here and you will be directed to our secure server for processing.

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eZPay – Pay Your Invoice Directly Through Your Bank | Top

We are set up as a creditor through most major banks. Simply access your bank account online and look for “Payments”, “Online Bill Pay”, or similar. If you can pay bills through your bank’s online system, chances are you can pay us that way too.

Click on your Bank’s Logo below.
BMO Bank  |   CIBC Bank   |  RBC Bank   |  Scotia Bank  |   TD Bank

eZPay – Pay Your Invoice By Electronic Funds Transfer (E.F.T.) | Top

Please email us the E.F.T. form supplied to you (usually by your bank). Send it to