It Is To Your Benefit

All Momentum Conferencing account holders are automatically sent “special notification emails”. Sometimes clients mistake these emails as marketing emails, but they are not. This mailing list is not part of, or associated with any marketing list. 

When and How Often You Would Receive These Notices

While we have an up-time of 99.99%, we cannot control the infrastructure of specific Telco systems and as such, outages can occur. These special notification email announcements are designed to keep you informed if these outages do happen.

To Unsubscribe From This List

If you no longer wish to receive these special notification emails, simply click on the “Safe Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the special notification email for immediate removal.

That said, although you can unsubscribe from this list, we highly encourage you to continue to receive these special notification emails so that you are informed in the event of significant system outages and changes that would affect you using our services.

Please note that if you do unsubscribe from this list, we cannot re-add you – it can only be done by you after you have opted out.

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