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Res-Plus User Guide
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Below are FAQ’s about using the reservationless conferencing system:

Q: When should I use Reservationless-Plus conferencing?

A: You can use Reservationless-Plus conferencing anytime you are hosting smaller meetings that do not require a reservation or an operator to conduct a call.CLOSE

Q: How do I schedule a Reservationless-Plus call?

A: No reservations are required with Reservationless-Plus. Just inform your participants of the time, day and dial-in information.

Q: What features are available with Reservationless-Plus?

A: Reservationless-Plus offers a variety of features to enhance your call including record and playback, project codes for bill back,
toll-free dial-in for international participants and operator assistance.

Q: Can I still request operator assistance during my call?

A: At any time during your call, you can request an operator simply by pressing *0 on your phone keypad.

Q: How many participants can I have on a Reservationless-Plus call?

A: You can have up to 150 participants on a Reservationless-Plus call.

Q: How do I start a Reservationless-Plus conference call?

A: To start a call:
1. Give your participants the date and time of your conference call, your dial-in number, conference code, security passcode,
if this option is enabled.
2. At the specified time, dial your Reservationless-Plus dial-in number.
3. When prompted, enter your conference code followed by #.
4. When prompted, press * to identify yourself as the leader, then enter your leader PIN followed by #.
5. Press 1 to begin your conference or press 2 to change your default conference options.
If the security passcode option is enabled you will be prompted to enter the passcode at this time.

Q: How do participants join my Reservationless-Plus call?

A: For participants to join your call, instruct them to:
1. At the specified time, dial your Reservationless-Plus dial-in number.
2. When prompted, enter your conference code followed by #.

Q: What if I can’t remember my leader PIN?

A: When initiating a conference call…
After entering the incorrect PIN three times, you will hear the following message, ‘I’m sorry, but your entry is not valid. Please
hang up and try connecting to the conference again. Goodbye.’ In order to receive your leader PIN, please contact customer
service and provide your conference code, owner number, first name, last name and address.

Q: What if I enter the wrong conference code?

A: After entering the incorrect conference code three times, you will be disconnected. Please confirm your conference code and try
to join your conference again.

Q: What are my phone keypad commands?

A: Once dialed into your conference, simply use your telephone keypad to access these commands:
Telephone Keypad Commands
*0 Operator assistance — conference
00 Operator assistance — individual
*1 Dial-out to a participant – leader only
*2 Begin/end conference record — leader only
#2 Leave and join a new conference
*3 Change entry/exit method (recorded names, tones, silence) — leader only
*4 Private roll call
*5 / #5 Mute/unmute all lines except leader’s — leader only
*6 / *6 OR *6 / #6 Mute/unmute your own line
*7 / #7 Lock/unlock conference (including operator) — leader only
*8 Allow/disallow conference continuation — leader only
*9 Start/join sub-conferencing
11 Third-party conference start — bypass hold music to start call as leader
*44 Quality Case Maker — leader only
*51 / #51 Lecture mode on/off — leader only
*60 / *61 Music on hold off/on
#64 Return to leader account menu
#99 Disconnect all lines except leader’s — leader only
*# Private participant count
** List available keypad commands

NOTE: All of the above commands may not be enabled on your account.

Q: Will 'Group Mute' include all new participants?

A: Yes, participants that join the conference after you complete the Group Mute command will be muted.

Q: What is the purpose of my owner number?

A: Owner numbers are assigned to each user and are your unique identifier. When you are setting up a conference with
an operator or requesting edits to your account settings, your owner number is used to identify your account.

Q: How do I access or change my conference code?

A: Call Client Services at: 1-888-551-5925 x1

Q: Where can I access my Reservationless-Plus account online?

A: You can access your Reservationless-Plus account online from our customer portal at: From there you can update your profile, account settings, view your invoices and create reports. Additionally you can schedule and start your meetings.