audio-webcastLive audio webcasting is an audio stream that is delivered directly to your audience’s desktop.  A synchronized PowerPoint accompanies the audio presentation.  When the speaker changes the slide, it changes for the live audio webcast audience as well.  Participants can also engage the speaker through our question and answer module.

The only individuals that need to be on the conference bridge are the presenters.  We dial into the bridge, pick up the feed in our broadcast center, and broadcast it out via the Internet to your audience.  Our live audio webcasts are best suited for audio presentations in which large audience participation is expected.

  • Large Audience Audio Only w/ Title Slide
  • Large Audience Audio w/ User-Controlled Slides
  • Small Audience Audio Multiple Slide Webcast

Typically our customers realize a cost saving when their audience base exceed 300 participants and a significant cost saving when their audience base exceed 1,500 participants.

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