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Our Self-Service platform is a world leader!

Cinchcast offers simple, easy-to-understand Pay-per-Use and Subscription-based pricing to meet your unique needs and applications. Each package includes access to the patented Cinchcast Platform, a hosted technology solution that provides you with everything you need to create, moderate, publish and share live and recorded virtual events, corporate meetings, and on-demand content.

In addition, each event host and presenter has access to the following Cinchcast features:

  • Management Dashboard: From one streamlined, browser-based management dashboard, you can easily: Schedule and launch new events in just a few clicks; Manage, edit, and download your live or archived events and content; Organize, syndicate and share your content
  • Customizable Players and Event Pages: Customers can stream live and archived content on any website using custom players and event pages.
  • Reporting: Ongoing reports featuring event participants and content consumption will be available at any time for Customers to access at their convenience.
  • RSS and iTunes Feeds: Automatically create a master RSS and iTunes feed to programmatically publish content.
  • Playlists: Create customized playlists that enable sharing of selected content through players, RSS, and iTunes feeds
  • Social Media Integration: Easily link Twitter and Facebook profiles to the Cinchcast platform for simple social sharing.

Cinchcast is a patented cloud-based platform designed specifically for webcasts of every size. Developed as a robust easy-to-use streaming platform for webinars and webcasts, discover how you can easily and cost-effectively reach and engage your audience with no downloads, no hold times and optimized for mobile participation.

Cinchcast through Momentum guarantees that executives, marketing & public relations professionals, meeting & event planners, online publishers, content creators and online training specialists can enhance their internal and external events without worry.

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