Vidyo LogoVidyo provides the first and only software platform for high-quality video conferencing on everyday devices and IP networks, with massive scalability at just 10% of the cost of alternatives. More than 2,000 companies in healthcare, manufacturing, education, commerce and professional services use Vidyo products to improve collaboration and workflow.

Go with Vidyo for room system, desktop, and mobile video conferencing solutions.

Each Vidyo™ solution is built on an award-winning software-based platform, so it is fully customizable and easy to integrate, with support for an impressive array of application programming interfaces, and affordably priced at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.


Enterprise Cloud

At last, HD-quality multipoint video conferencing moves outside the executive suite to connect mobile device, desktop and room system users everywhere, reliably, in your enterprise cloud. Scale video communications while reducing bandwidth usage and ease firewall traversal for seamless video communications with Vidyo.

Small & Mid-sized Enterprises

Deploy low latency telepresence-quality video conferencing with an economical, all-in-one package tailored for small and mid-sized enterprises or smaller deployments for desktop video conferencing.

Service Providers

Provide compelling, on-demand video conferencing services with real revenue-generating potential to your portfolio based on Vidyo’s revolutionary video conferencing platform. Video communication is a key service differentiator that can increase bottom-line profitability.

Unified Communications – HD Multipoint Video Conferencing SolutionsVidyo Versatility

Realize the full potential of unified communications by enabling universal video communications. VidyoConferencing has integrated plug-ins for Microsoft Lync and IBM Lotus Sametime to enable richer and more natural video communications. The best part is that your enterprise users are enabled for secure video communications for improved collaboration both within and outside of the enterprise.

Vidyo for Education

Vidyo makes it easy and affordable for K-12 districts, colleges, and universities to bring HD multipoint video conferencing to everyone who needs to communicate and collaborate on- and off-campus, without expensive network upgrades. Students, faculty, researchers and administrators benefit from a personalized solution that allows them to hold private meetings, add guests on the fly and collaborate with colleagues around the world using computers they already have.

Vidyo for Government

Vidyo delivers HD multipoint video conferencing to any endpoint, including mobile, desktop, room and telepresence systems while extending the reach of traditional H.323 and SIP systems. With Vidyo, there’s no need for expensive MCUs or a dedicated network, greatly reducing the total cost of ownership. Vidyo is the first company with a desktop software video conferencing solution to be JITC and UC APL certified by the U.S. Department of Defense.


Looking to lower the cost of providing quality healthcare while improving patient outcomes? Vidyo enables physicians and healthcare professionals to meet, consult and diagnose patients through HD-quality video conferencing.


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