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Best PracticesOkay, so you are ready for your Web Conference, Webinar, or Online Event.

After many years supporting online meetings, webinars and live streaming events, we have put together this list to guide you on producing the best event possible.

In advance of the event:

  • Let participants know well in advance minimum system requirements and that they will need sound card and speakers or headset/mic.
  • Point them to the location on the course site or elsewhere where they can learn about minimum system requirements and suggestions re headset/mic.
  • Preferably in advance of the day of the web conference, have participants conduct a system check. If they do not do this in advance of the event, also make sure you are online 15 minutes in advance of the event for participants to conduct the system check.
  • Make sure the first slide of the event has helpful information about features etc.
  • Facilitators should arrange roles. Who does the presentation? Who handles text chat? Who handles technical questions?
  • Facilitators should prepare a presentation and agenda of both content and interactive features to be used to retain engagement. Consider doing a shorthanded dry run online.
  • Upload the presentation and prepare any other documents/URLs you will access during the event. Upload multimedia. Be sure video is either on local drive or streaming. Know that PowerPoints become images with no animation or access to links.

At the outset of the event:

  • While people are joining the event, welcome them if you can. “Hi, Allison! Welcome to the web conference!”
  • A few minutes before the content of the event is going to take place, have each person introduce themselves. Have the driver explain the steps to do this. It is both an ice-breaker and a way for people to use the technology. If they are going to have trouble with their VOIP/equipment, it will come up now.
  • If they do not have access to audio or are having trouble, the driver should ask them to introduce themselves via text chat. This will include them in some way and also illustrate the text chat tool.
  • The content leader should explain the flow and expectations for participation for your particular event.

During the event:

  • Driver fields text chat questions and communicates with content leader about re-engaging via just-in-time polls, asking questions, etc.
  • Content leader goes through pre-planned presentation, following agenda and features as agreed earlier.
  • Touch base with participants regularly. Ask them to provide feedback. Even something as simple as “clapping” or selecting a check mark helps them re-engage and stay focused.
  • Make sure participants know how to let folks know if they are confused or have technical issues.
  • Stick to the designated time for this event. If it is 9-10, stick to starting at 9 and ending at 10.

After the event:

  • Provide attendees with a URL of a poll about their experience with the event (if applicable).
  • Stay online for a bit to answer follow-up questions.

If you are looking for further help, contact us here.


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